Earth friendly alternatives to single-use plastic straws

I’m hoping you have already watched that video up there. If you haven’t, do it now. Yeap, that’s a plastic straw stuck in that turtle’s nostril. Now please don’t just feel sorry for the poor thing and lose any more hope for humanity, the future of this earth and all of its creatures. To avoid sea creatures (yes, including mermaids) from suffering because of our trash, the solution is simple.

STOP thrashing beaches. STOP trashing our earth. Learn to put your trash in a trash can, you lazy fiuks, and because you should hate plastic straws now, you should only buy re-usable or biodegradable straws! (for the sake of this straw post, let’s completely ignore the fact that yes, you can indeed omit the straw all together and just, you know, use your lips to sip your dranks)

STOP using plastic straws.

If you use straws to avoid staining your (or your kid’s) teeth or to help you finish your smoothie (the reason I’d use straws, helps me get it down faster):

Did you know that there are glass straws, silicone straws, paper straws (biodegradable), and stainless steel straws?  Like, there is no excuse. If you have cheap, effective, healthier, natural, umm better-for-our-earth alternatives. Why are you still buying plastic straws?

Awkward seal

Please limit the amount of trash you create and be an example for others to follow. I am always browsing for earth friendly products for my Gabriel and Viviana, reusable this, biodegradable that. I’ve picked up my share of trash at parks and beaches in Ukraine and the U.S.

At times I had a huge pregnant belly while picking up trash, I felt like it was even more important for me to make at least a little impact…I felt an immense duty to prepare, not only my home, a “nest”, but the earth for my little ones. A few meters of clean grass semi-satisfied my hardcore nesting instincts.

Picking up a couple of bottle caps, empty chip bags, and plastic straws to clear out a spot in the sand for Gabriel to sit against so I could snap a beautiful shot of my blue-eyed treasure against the big blue black sea…because that is how it’s supposed to be, just sand, shells, and beach.

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I swear my heart skipped a beat when I saw a girl start running around picking up stuff beside me…I was like omg. i’m inspiring the little ones. omg i’m actually making some sort of progress. omg faith in humanity resto- fakkk. she was just collecting shells. BUT HOW CAN YOU COLLECT SHELLS AND TOTALLY IGNORE THE TRASH YOU HAVE TO DIG THEM THROUGH! ( I mean a part of me really admired her weird positivity, “in a beach full of trash, focus on the beautiful shells” )

Like. Waaat. omg. the trash is such a common sight, no one even notices or bothers anymore… I wish I could clean the entire earth with my own hands, every time I pick up a piece of trash, I look at it, observe my simple action, and I’m like really? is this so hard? oh wow is that the trash can centimeters away? fiiuuuuuk. PEOPLE!

But you know, a small action such as picking up trash on your path can make a BIG difference, especially if someone sees you do it. Make picking up trash a thang. Like, seriously, someone document some hot girls or guys going out to clean the beaches or parks as part of their weekend fun, I’m sure there’d be lots of volunteers.

I’m on a roll to share earth friendly products I’ve found on the web and tips to help you make an impact, even a small one, on the future of our earth and oceans. So in honor of “small acts can make a big difference” I hope this post inspires you to shop smarter and think of the positive impact you CAN have on our planet. Let’s make earth friendly products popular, mmkay? YAAS to this first earth friendly products list post. 

Stop using single-use plastic straws ASAP #noexcuse #savetheturtles #savethemermaids #savetheocean #saveourplanet

Earth friendly alternatives to single-use plastic straws

1. Stainless Steel Straws

Stainless steel straws are a good earth friendly straw option for adults who like to use straws either to protect teeth from staining or just cuz, you can carry  (just throw it in) one in your purse/bag everywhere you go, no need to worry about anything happening to it, its stainless steel! Get a set that comes with a little brush to help you clean your steel straws, they are obviously not transparent so you can’t see if you left any junk in there, other than that they work exactly like their plastic counterpart.

Here are some cheap sets I found on Amazon for you! (P.S. these will last you FOREVER #worththemoney #shopsmart #savetheplanet #nomoreplastic #stainlesssteelstraws) 

ECO at Heart Stainless Steel Smoothie Straws 

stainless steel straws kripikristainless steel straws kripikri Promising review: “They are the absolute perfect size for thick smoothies and shakes. These straws are a great option no matter what, and the cherry on the top is that they spare our planet from a lot of plastic and paper waste.” –cryogini

Get a pack of 5 stainless steel straws with a cleaning brush HERE

SipWell Stainless Steel Straws 

stainless steel straw that has a bend kripikristainless steel straw sipwell kripikri

Promising review: “Really nice straws. I bought them for my 30 oz. Yeti cup and they work great. There is no steel or tinny aftertaste with these straws. They shipped really fast.” –Vitagirl

Get a set of 4 stainless steel straws with a free cleaning brush HERE

2. Silicone Straws

An alternative to stainless steel straws are silicone straws, which can be used for babies, toddlers, or just anyone who is worried that in their smoothie excitement they’ll chip a tooth. These are soft, flexible, and an awesome tip: you can easily cut a long one in half to get 2 mini ones to use with little ones who are just learning to use a straw or just for short sippy cups. The most obvious difference between stainless steel straws and silicone straws is the fun colors they come in! #expressyourself

#unlessmarket #ecofriendly #shoplocal #jarcups #siliconestraws #kidfriendly  #drinks #silicone #littlehands #greenliving #silicone #glass #nontoxic #siliconestraws

Bubba big silicone straws, assorted colors

61C7kZUB8bL._SL1494_-2 Promising review: “The straws are awesome, wide enough for thick smoothies, easily rinsed clean” –Nancy Turnbough

Buy a pack of these 5 silicone straws HERE

Here are also some “minimalistic” “pure” clear silicone straws if that’s your style (these come with a cleaning brush)

Pack of 4 Pure Straws, transparent silicone straws


Promising review: “My son loves drinking out of them. The Pure straws are silicone so they do not hurt the roof of his mouth but are durable enough so my toddler can bend them, bite on them, and twist them without destroying the straws.” – Katress

Buy a pack of 4 HERE

3. Glass Straws 

These glass straws are beautiful. There are even some resorts that did the plastic to glass straw switch. Talk about saving the ocean in style.

Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 2.45.45 PM glass straw ecofriendly no plastic strawScreen Shot 2016-08-07 at 2.46.06 PM

Hummingbird Glass Straws

Get a pack of 4 clear glass straws here for $15.99 and/or a pack of of colored ones from Jade to Black (black glass straw = coolness overload) here.

4. Paper Straws

If you love plastic straws because you can just throw them away when you are done with your drink and if you just ain’t got time for washing the re-usable straws, here’s a party friendly, ocean/earth friendly alternative for your lazy booty. These are biodegradable! You can compost them! woot woot!

Disposable, Biodegradable paper straws

biodegradable staw paper strawbiodegradable staw paper straw biodegradable staw paper straw

Promising review: “I love that I can be environmentally-conscious by using biodegradable paper straws instead of plastic. It takes quite a while before the drink penetrates the paper since it is coated. These also differ from other paper straws because you can bend them a bit.” – 1PrettySmile

Get a pack of 100 pretty paper straws for HERE

5. Stainless Steel Sippy Bottle with Silicone Straw

I found the perfect earth friendly, ocean friendly, toddler/baby friendly sippy bottle set from award winning Kiki Pura Stainless! I love this 100% plastic-free modern feeding system!

51YGgREvL+L._SY550_ 510f08MxVJL._SY550_Screen Shot 2016-08-07 at 3.17.43 PM

Get the Pura Kiki Stainless steel cup with a silicone Straw here and the Pura Kiki 5 oz Stainless Steel Infant Bottle with Silicone Sleeve here

Go here to check out the awards this company has received for their amazing products.

I love the insulated one for the summer, it keeps Gabriel’s water cool, I just ordered some of the new silicone sprouts to use with the 2 bottles we have. I also ordered some silicone infant nipples for Viviana to use with the same bottles. The awesome thing is that I just have 2 stainless steel bottles in 2 different sizes (a 9 oz one and a 5 oz one) and I can interchange the sprouts and nipples to accommodate him or her, they are 17 months apart.

If the point wasn’t clear in this post, remember this when shopping for ANYTHING:

Buy things that will last YOU forever, things that are strong, things you don’t have to throw away, things that are strong enough and last long enough that you can pass them on to others (gift, re-sell) when you are done using them, STOP buying things that end up polluting our earth and endangering our fellow creatures, and buy things that will become one with the earth instead of poisoning it. ❤  kripi pura stainless steel bottle